The Piatra Craiului Mountains
June 12, 2018
The Piatra Mare Mountains
June 12, 2018

The Ciucaș Mountains

The massif consists of two main ridges: The Ciucaş-Bratocea ridge reaching the maximum height in Peak Ciucas (1954 m) and Gropşoarele-Zăganu ridge with maximum height in the Gropşoarele Peak (1883 m). Although it is not a tall one, it combines rich forests, smooth ridges and meadows with steep and rocky slopes. Besides, The Ciucas Mountains can be distinguished by the specifics of the formations with suggestive names: Goliath, the Dove, The talking ladies, or the Hand of the Devil. Thus, the Ciucaş-Bratocea Mountain through the beauty of the rocky formations with sharp or round peaks, of different dimensions and heights, manages to provide a unique show in any season. Her wilder sister, the Gropshori-Zaganum ridge, reveals for the hikers, when the Rhododendron (mountain peony) is blossoming, a dream landscape. The peony’s maximum flowering period is a small one, unfortunately, but the lucky ones have part of a landscape that seems to be detached from an ancient, legendary world and stretches over an area of ​​about 2 hectares.

The Ciucas Mountains are also remarkable by the untouched beauty of the multitudes of gorges (Cheile Păraului Alb, Cheile valii Stânii, Strâmb Cheile, Babaruncăi Cheile, Cheiţei Cheiţei). This is another unsurpassed surprise for those who choose a hiking trip in this massive offer and, despite the low surface and low altitude, can proudly compete alongside other beautiful areas of Romania.

Natural reservation, declared a protected area in 2000, the Ciucaş Mountains are characterised by a rich vegetation of meadows, bush (bush, juniper, cranberry, snarf, juniper) and wild plants and flowers (green rouge, rock flowers, bell)). It is also home to several mammalian species (brown bear, wild boar, wolf, lynx, fox, squirrel, deer, wild cat, black goat), birds (eagle, hawk, nightgown) and reptiles.

Details about tours in the area can be found here:

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