The Ciucaș Mountains
June 12, 2018
The Bucegi Mountains
June 12, 2018

The Piatra Mare Mountains

The Piatra Mare Massif is located in the Brasov Depression and, despite the low height of the Carpathian curb, offers great views over the city of Braşov and the surrounding mountains: Postăvaru, Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Ciucaş and Baiului. As a result of the low altitude, the massif is almost entirely forested, except for a small clearing in which the Piatra Mare Chalet is located and the slightly larger area around the highest peak: Piatra Mare Peak – 1844 m.

The most famous tourist attraction in the Piatra Mare Mountains is the Seven Stairs Canyon located in the central-western part of the massif, at an average altitude of 980 m. The road to it is a pleasant walk along the Sipoaia Stream, starting from Dambul Morii passes over wood bridges and stairs. The Canyon is announcing its presence through the rocks of its waterfalls, because it consists of the succession of seven water falls with heights between 2.5 and 15 meters. This is a gorge in the Jurassic Limestone with a length of 160 m and a level difference of 58 meters. For safekeeping, the canyon is provided with 9 stairs and 10 bridges, the longest staircase being the fourth staircase.

The canyon is of special beauty both in summer and in other seasons. This is due to its water falls and the high limestone walls. After the canyon, the space suddenly opens to the forest, the landscape lights up and the steady climb leads to Piatra Mare Chalet. The road through the forest ends abruptly in the clearing in front of the cottage. The cottage is at an altitude of 1628 m and is always open. The platou around it offers a beautiful view, and the two donkeys of the cottage are already a tourist mark.

Another point of interest in this massif is the climbing routes, of which we mention the Bears’ Wall, a big rocky overhang, bathed in the sunlight. You should also not miss the nearby belview point.

Being a heavily forested area here we will find beech and spruce forests, and at the top of the canyon there are some quite tall elm trees that are rarely encountered in Romania. Also present in this massif are the presence of delicate flowers such as the dianthus, Two-leaf squill, cowslip, but also the rock flowers. Among the mammalian species we include: lynx, wolf and bear.

Details about tours in the area can be found here:

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