Those who joined us in our tours have appreciated our work!

Tommaso L.

"Traveling is not matter of visiting a country or pass through it. I guess traveling it's discovery, try to get as much closer as possible to customs and traditions of the local living. Since the realy beginning I felt that Andrei was the right person for what I was looking for. Not only a competent, patients and judicious guide but eventually an open window to the amazing Romanian culture, history and is stunning nature. By my side I totally feel free to recommend better yet let you lead by this calm and smiling guy through the amazing wilderness surrounding Transylvania. Will be the experience that change your life."

Dany & Silvia T.

"Thank you so much for what was our most amazing and memorable climbing trip so far, Andrei! You are an amazing person, and your passion for climbing and everything outdoors literally oozes from you—a fact that will be evident to all like-minded people who meet you. Unlike other guides we’ve had in the past, you never made us feel “like kids” by insisting on reviewing stuff ad nauseam, discussing what-ifs, bla, bla, bla, bla, until half the morning was gone… you listened to what we said during our first couple of conversations, made up your mind about us, and then “let us do our thing”. (You did ask me to go over rappelling and cleaning the route before I went ahead with this, though, and that was much appreciated. 🙂 You always answered our questions thoroughly, and made sure we understood what you explained.. and in times of stress (the start of Creasta Generalului and that narrow ledge at the end of the third pitch) your calm reassurances made us want to continue when we may have been thinking it’s time to call it quits. Above and beyond that, your willingness to share so much of your knowledge and explain so many things that we never even thought to ask about (not only about the current climb or hike, but also about related things—sports in general, history, flora, fauna) was an incredible thing to witness. We consider ourselves so fortunate to have met you, Andrei, and we simply can’t wait to climb together again in the (hopefully near) future! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much once again, for everything!"

Vuk F.

“Fun and exciting adventures! Our hike took us to Cottage in Piatra Craiului mountains. Guide was very nice, informative and professional. We learned a lot about local trees, birds, plants, animals, rock formations and mountain itself. Trekk was very fun with interesting routes, passing trough beautiful gorges. Looking forward to repating thos trekk!!!”

Judith R.

“Just want to say that my walking week in Transylvania was wonderful - truly the best walking holiday I've had. It was also by far the hardest!! What made it so great was certainly the professionalism, knowledge, care, generosity and friendliness of our two guides Gabriel Clinciu and Andrei Dumitrescu. As I told them, they were the sons I never had! Nothing was too much trouble for them from the moment we arrived until the final minute, and they were such good company too.”


“Andrei, many thanks for your excellent guiding and helping us complete the three days safely and very memorably”

Paula F.

“I have no hesitation in recommending you and your company as guides for this tour. Your willingness to do whatever was necessary to keep everyone in the group happy and in track was admirable.  You set a good pace when it was necessary and got everyone safely to where they were going. It was wonderful having you as our guide.”

Kath W.

“Nothing was too much trouble for you. I totally admire the professionalism and patience you portrayed in the short time we spent with you.  I can only give you the most positive of feedback. Sorry, I can't think of anything negative to say. “

Tony W.

“Andrei - many thanks for your super photos - they are a great reminder of an excellent holiday.  Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful country, and for your skill and expertise in guiding us safely through the Fagaras mountains - I think you know how much it means to me to have climbed Moldoveanu. This is one of the best holidays I have ever had - thanks one and all for your company and for the many laughs we shared along the way.”

Frank C.

“Thanks for all your excellent company - and big big thanks to Andrei for being such an excellent guide.”


“You have no idea how much you both made my holiday such a wonderful experience. Despite my inadequacies (have never walked so far and so many hours before) you both made me feel that I wasn't a burden, and spurred me on, making me have confidence in myself. You were considerate of those less able than others in the group and did not allow any intimidation to manifest itself. “

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