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We are a passionate team of mountain guides, united by our love for the mountains and our dedication to sharing our knowledge and expertise with others. With a deep appreciation for nature and a sense of adventure, we are committed to providing safe and memorable experiences for you.

As avid explorers and outdoor enthusiasts, we possess a wealth of knowledge about the local flora, fauna, and cultural heritage of Romania. Our expertise in navigating the trails, climbing routes, and wilderness areas allows us to guide you with confidence and professionalism. We are also passionate about environmental conservation and advocate for responsible outdoor practices, leaving no trace and respecting local customs and traditions.

We are a dynamic team of mountain guides who combine our technical expertise, love for the mountains, and commitment to safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. We are enthusiastic about sharing our passion for the mountains with others, whether it's guiding hikers, climbers, mountain bikers or adventurers of all ages and experience levels and we look forward to creating unforgettable mountain experiences and helping you create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Why Romania?


Stunning Natural Beauty: Romania boasts breathtaking landscapes that are a hiker's paradise. From the majestic Carpathian Mountains, which cover about one-third of the country and are home to diverse flora and fauna, to the pristine forests, sparkling rivers, and serene meadows, Romania's wilderness offers an abundance of natural beauty that is sure to captivate any outdoor enthusiast.

Rich Cultural Heritage: Romania is a country with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage. While hiking in Romania, you can discover traditional villages where locals still practice centuries-old customs and crafts, encounter shepherds tending to their flocks in the high mountain pastures, and explore ancient castles and fortresses that tell the stories of Romania's past. This blend of nature and culture makes hiking in Romania a unique and enriching experience.

Unique Wildlife: Romania is home to a wide range of wildlife, including brown bears, wolves, lynx, and chamois, among others. Hiking in Romania gives you the opportunity to encounter these fascinating creatures in their natural habitats, providing a thrilling and unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures: Romania offers plenty of off-the-beaten-path adventures for adventurous hikers. From exploring hidden caves to traversing remote mountain trails, Romania has numerous opportunities for those seeking a sense of adventure and exploration. You can discover lesser-known gems and have unique experiences that are off the typical tourist trail.

Affordable Destination: Romania is known for its affordability compared to other popular hiking destinations in Europe. Accommodation, food, and transportation costs are generally lower, making it a budget-friendly option for hikers who are looking for an affordable adventure without compromising on the beauty and diversity of the hiking trails.


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  • Tanfem flying
  • Trail
  • Ski Bucegi
  • Introduction to climbing
  • Prapastiile Zarnestiului

About Romania


Our team

  • Achievement


    I am a professional mountain rescuer and mountain guide. I was born in 1979 and started in 2002 as a volunteer in Sacele Town mountain rescue team, a little bit later getting my mountain rescuer license. Currently I am full time member of the same mountain rescue team and part time mountain guide as well. Like my colleagues, I started hiking and skiing at a very early age gaining over twenty-five yeas of experience. My passion for mountains and sport made me improve my skills to a high level to start running in mountain marathons, adventure challenges, ski mountaineering and mountain bike competitions. A personal achievement was in 2008 when I climbed some of the highest peaks in Europe – Monte Rosa and Breithorn (ski touring). In 2010 I finished a paramedic course, being qualified in providing first aid. My job gives me the possibility to spend almost every day in the mountains. I am a member of the Romanian Mountain Rescuers Association. Although I am still young I have hiked and guided tourists in all the main Romanian mountains both in summer and winter. I am very happy to have the chance of showing you the beauty of the Carpathians and share hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking or ski touring adventures with you.
    • licensed mountain rescuer, no. 074
    • mountain guide, no. 0199411
    • licensed paramedic
  • Cristi:

    I am licensed mountain guide, paragliding and ski instructor. My experience goes back over twenty years in paragliding, thirty years in skiing and thirty five years in mountain activities. I was born in 1975 in Brasov City, close to many mountains. My father guided my steps into hiking and skiing from childhood. Later on I started paragliding, rock climbing, ski mountaineering, triathlons, mountain biking and mountain running advancing from amateur to competitive level. Beginning with the Romanian Carpathians paragliding later took me to Caucasus, Alps, Babadag (Turkey), Nepal and the South Korean Mountains. My passion for mountains and heights led me to climb the highest peaks in Europe and South America in several expeditions: Elbrus – 2004 (ski touring), Grossglockner – 2005, Aconcagua – 2006, Mont Blanc – 2007 and 2013, Annapurna Circuit – 2014. Through the years I have guided tourists in Fagaras, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi, Retezat, Ciucas and other Romanian mountains, safety and pleasant company being my main goals. I speak fluent English and I am a member of the Romanian Mountain Guide AssociationRomanian Climbing and Mountaineering FederationRomanian Free Flight Association and Romanian Mountain Rescuers Association. I am looking forward to sharing mountain adventures with you.
    • licensed national tourism and mountain guide, no. 4052
    • licensed paragliding instructor, no. 475
    • licensed ski instructor, no. 376
    • licensed mountain rescuer
  • Andrei:

    In the beginning, I discovered the mountains through hiking. I met nice people and places and I started climbing, cycling and skiing on and off-piste. Later on, I had the opportunity to join the Brasov Mountain Rescue team as a volunteer and from them, I learned and became an attested mountain rescuer. After this, the ski instructor and mountain guide courses naturally followed. Still, I enjoy every tour and discovering nature alone or together with people seeking the same experiences.
    • licensed national tourism and mountain guide
    • licensed kayak level 2
    • licensed ski instructor
    • licensed mountain rescuer

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