Reaching the sky is a wish for many, but we succeeded by paragliding. Brasov is one of the best areas in Transylvania, Romania for flying so you are welcomed to feel this experience in the most natural environment possible.

We have obtained our certificates and we’ve started gaining years of experience in observing the wilderness and nature from way up high. We can now invite you to enjoy tandem flying or learning you how to fly alone.

Paragliding tandem flight


  • 10-20 minutes of flying
  • All equipment included
  • Pictures and video
  • Transport from Brasov included on request
  • Professional paragliding guide

Paragliding lessons


Paragliding lessons: Introduction, take off and landing

  • 10 Days of lessons
  • Theoretical courses: 50 hours
  • Minimum 10 flights from different locations, 15 hours of flying in total
  • Minimum 5 flights with altitude gain
  • 2 tandem flights
  • All equipment included
  • Professional paragliding instructor

Flight zones


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